Our Organization

Weinvest Investments (herein referred to as ‘Weinvest’) is a growing business intelligence institution specifically created to satisfy the clients’ needs through provision of specialized technical and non-technical business, process and skills development services. The ultimate goal is provision of exclusive service in business development, process development, auditing, financial accounting, skills assessment and development and coaching and mentoring in Southern Africa.

Provision of our services is extended to community-based projects, private and public sector, locally and internationally. Through Weinvest Investment’s extensive network of strategic partners, we offer services which include in-house and public training workshops for technical and non-technical courses, internal audit functions, financial accounting, external audit, business and process development. Our organisation is accredited with LGSETA and PSETA, Accreditation numbers are: LGRS-967-121126 and P21/0915/GP625

Our competitive edge


Our team

The Weinvest Investments team that executes any given assignment comprises individuals who are subject matter experts in the assignment in concern.

Depending with the nature of the job to be executed, Weinvest Investments can deploy such experts as, qualified facilitators in both technical and non-technical fields, certified assessors, certified external auditors and internal auditors, financial analysts and attorneys.

Our Team

Weinvest Investments consist a team of skills-wealthy strategic partners who, per available contract, commit to such a call and focus on delivering to beyond the client’s expectation.

These strategic partners are individuals and companies who have a wealth of expertise in various specialist fields including auditing, training, assessments, coaching and mentoring, business and process development.

Weinvest Investments has committed to exclusive service delivery as a binding contractual agreement between its members and thus find it mandatory and ‘legally’ contracting to perform.

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