Organizational Development


Organizational Development

This service involves working with all manner of organizations, including community based projects like cooperatives, close corporations, non profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, partnerships and sole proprietors in organizational development.

Services include;
Assisting organizations in;

· Development of business plans
· Conducting due diligence
· Development of concept papers and research
· Preparation of financial forecasts for business proposals
· Development of marketing material including organisational profiles, brochures, flyers, proposals
· Assisting in registration of organizations
· Drafting the constitutions
· Compilation of strategic plans, vision, mission, values and organizational profiles
· Drafting the organizational policies and procedures, including;
o financial procedures and policies,
o human resources management policies and procedures,
o marketing policies
· Assisting organization in compilation of business plans for funding
· Compilation of project plans for various project
· Advisory services in project management, conflict management, change management
· Assisting in strategy implementation and post implementation review and audits

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